Who We Are

A trio of comprised of one entrepreneur (John Farris), one bar owner (Matt Coit) and one would-be entrepreneur (T.J. Farris) from the Bay Area sat in a "speak-easy-esque" backyard bar at the home of the eldest and shared stories, libations, and ideas.


After a few beers one said, “Portland is a happening place. Let's open a bar with sports, music, and great food!"


T.J. who lived in Portland was sent on a scouting mission and returned with a master thesis-worthy document on the local bar scene and with an available business for sale.  What seemed like a pipe dream turned into reality in the cold light of day and with some cold cash to invest;


and so it began...


their thoughts became more implementation of an ideal than an idea.


 What evolved, and continues to do so daily, is a unique taphouse and gastropub in NW Portland.


TJ Farris

General Manager

The on-site Managing Owner is Mr. T.J. Farris.  Mr. Farris is a sports and music lover with a background in retail management and electronics.  He is a licensed bartender and bar owner in the State of Oregon.

Lightning Will, LLC Ownership Group


Lightning Will Bar & Grill is owned by Lightning Will, LLC, an Oregon Corporation.


Mr. Matt Coit is a member of the LLC and has over 12 years in the bar and restaurant industry.  He also owns a successful establishment in the San Francisco Bay Area and he is a licensed bartender in the State of Oregon.


Mr. John Farris is the manager of the LLC.  Mr. Farris is an entrepreneur and executive.

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